What Should I Do for the International Community?

Jungbubsidae - Break all the Common Sense


The fundamental key to breaking the common sense is Jungbub(正法).

Jungbub, coupled with Hongik Ideology(to live and work for the benefit of all humankind), will become the leading force of humanity for the coming future. We call this Jungbubsidae — the Age of Jungbub.

Jungbubsidae(publisher) is a research institute that examines the preexisting morals, ethics, and common sense

that have dictated our lives from the beginning of history under a new light, and reconstructs them for the benefit of the global community.

As Jungbub students, we should ask ourselves these 4 fundamental questions

What should I do for my Neighbor?

What should I do for the Society?

What should I do for my Country?

What should I do for Humanity?