Jungbubsidae - Break all the Common Sense


JUNGBUB: The Key to a Happy Life for a New Era I

We live in an era where there are many social contradictions and issues occurring in daily life.

Yet, our common sense which has been the basis of thinking with the development of human history has become stiff and hardened with no more development. As these phenomena prolong and cause even more difficulty in society, the discomfort and complaints of the people are growing.

The Key to a Happy Life for a New Era is collection of Youtube Jungbub lectures that are answering the questions of people who are unhappy with their life and social problems from all different social classes. This book will widely open your vision to look at our society with new perspectives.

JUNGBUB: The Key to a Happy Life for a New Era II

The power to solve my own problems in life comes from knowing things right. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” there is a great deal of difference between knowing and not knowing. If you can clearly understand and explain the environment surrounding you, you can come up with a solution. Your life concerns will be solved one by one.

It is time to expand your perspectives on the world and open up a new paradigm. It is time that we light up our passion for life with new hope and dreams for the new future. I hope that you can dig out the brightly shining jewel from Jungbub, the righteous law.

Other Books in Korean

Seuseung(Mentor) series

It is a collection of excerpts from articles that the author has given in response to questions from 2004 to now. It explains clearly the reason of the world, the way of life, and the principle of Grand Nature by the law of 3:7. In particular, it talks about Jungbub, the righteous law of the human era, which has newly established universal values of humanity.


“The Greatest Love Project” is a book that interprets the meaning of growth and development of the Republic of Korea in the 70th year of national independence with fundamental insight and a new perspective, and provides fundamental solutions to numerous problems arising at home and in the international community. Specific designs and practical answers to various problems at home and abroad will help solve problems scattered throughout the international community and this country.

KOREA 2013

Based on a historical perspective with the correct insight, we should approach our own speciality and the fundamental view linked to the international community, and realize a new paradigm based on accurate diagnosis of the times and our calling of the times. That is the ‘Greatest Love Project for Humanity’ and the ‘new paradigm of welfare project’. Through this book, we present a blueprint based on the new paradigm, and at the same time solve the problems in this country, achieve the era of human peace with the unification of the two Koreas, and bring out our wisdom to become a leader of the international community.