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Jungbubsidae - Break all the Common Sense

Who Is He?

Cheon Gong Seuseung(Spiritual Mentor from Korea), a pioneer in the “humanities of the new paradigm,”
has earned a reputation in the online world as a Hongik mentor of the Digital Age.

He has delivered lectures for the public since 2003, which can be viewed on YouTube for free. His precious teachings through open hall lectures have also been transcribed and published in numerous books.
On November 29th, 2011, videos of Master Cheon Gong's open hall lectures that had run since 2003 began to be uploaded on YouTube channel named "Jeukmunjeuksul(卽問卽設)" for the online world. The name of the channel has been changed to "Jungbub Lectures of Master Jinjung" since, and remains highly active.
New lectures have been uploaded everyday without exception since 2011 and 9,610 videos are uploaded on the channel as of today(February 29, 2020).

Hongik Mentor Cheon Gong Seuseung's lectures span across various fields including politics, economy, sociology, lifestyle, education, culture, welfare, environment, work life, asceticism, religion, philosophy, and funerary practices. He has championed for the general public, listening to the stories of their hardships and providing the wisdom and truth they need to overcome their circumstances by breaking free of the constraints of common sense.

His teaching focuses on improving one’s life by looking inward and correcting the inadequacies and contradictions within oneself, instead of looking outward for something to blame and judging others based on entrenched conventions.

Moreover, he stresses that the current age calls for us to shift our focus from “I” to “we.” He also reminds us that we, as a people who rose from the ashes of war by feeding from the blood and sweat of the global community, must revisit our past and equip ourselves to become the Hongik leader for the mankind.

His Jeukmunjeuksul lectures, which address stories of people from all walks of life, have been published in many books.


These books echo the message that humanity’s contradictions and irregularities have reached their utmost peak, and a new paradigm is needed in order to reassemble that built-up energy and turn it into something benevolent. They also offer detailed instructions to go about achieving that.

The Republic of Korea 2013 and The Greatest Love Project-The World Hunger Zero Project propose practical guidelines for the future of the Republic of Korea and the global community.

YouTube Channel

On November 29th, 2011, videos of Master Cheon Gong’s open hall lectures that had run since 2003 began to be uploaded on YouTube channel named “Jeukmunjeuksul(卽問卽設)” for the online world.

On “JUNGBUB ENGLISH” channel, English dubbed Jungbub lectures and subtitled playlists are available


English Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSXvv3O6I_5T8QJ3Wur-hcw

Original Channel: www.youtube.com/jungbub2013


Jungbub lectures are conducted in Korean but watched all over the world, in countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and others. In fact, the second largest number of views following South Korea comes from the United States.
Furthermore, overseas lectures are being conducted every year, attracting Korean Americans and non-Koreans alike. There has also been an increasing number of international followers who visit South Korea to meet Master Cheon Gong.


Jungbub lectures are translated by viewers from all over the world. Most of them come from United States, England, Italy, German, Australia, Japan, and China, and they have formed communities in which they exchange memorable quotes and lectures translated into their native languages.