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World Tour in Singapore, 2018

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Schedule: August 24 - September 1, 2018

Malaysia / Singapore


# Lecture at Singapore - August 24~September 1, 2018

The Spiritual Mentor Chun Gong visited Singapore on June 12, 2018, where North Korea–the United States Singapore Summit, which became a global issue, was held. The Spiritual Mentor Chen Gong toured the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island, the former venue for the summit, the Shangri-La Hotel, the former residence of U.S. President Trump, the St. Regis Hotel, which was the residence of North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, and downtown Singapore.

The following is an excerpt and a summary of some of the contents of “Special Interview-Unification of the Korean Peninsula and Peace of Humanity” conducted during his visit to Singapore.

After 2018 North Korea–the United States Singapore Summit – to achieve true peaceful unification.

Question 1:

With 2018 North Korea–the United States Singapore Summit held in June, I thought something would happen right away, whether it was the declaration of the end of the war or the declaration of abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, but until now, the declaration of the end of the war and the abandonment of the nuclear program have been delayed. With Kim Jong-un blaming the U.S. and Trump blaming the North, South Korea is in a situation where can’t do this or that at all. I would like to ask you why these things happen and what are the ways in which real peaceful unification can be achieved.

Answer Summary:

We are looking at what’s happening in Korea too small. At the end of World War II, Korea was a country where a huge number of young people from all over the world were buried by the Korean War. It was a small country, but it could be called the first generation after the war. It took almost 70 years for the Republic of Korea, which has fought more than a thousand wars in history including World War I, II, to reach a cease-fire and clean up its environment. It’s been 70 years since we started construction of 108 years by mother nature to create human peace. So we have to see what we’ve been doing for 70 years.

In the south of this peninsula, we have created an environment for the international community, touched all the contradictions of society, pros and cons of democracy, and had all the basic power. And in the north, they were managing all the contradictions and all the pros and cons of the communist country. So, when we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we have to sort things out. And making the seeds to arrange it is nuclear. Why is the Korean Peninsula now being highlighted in the world? It’s not because of South Korea, but because of the nuclear weapons, North Korea was developing. But will this “nuclear” be solved only by the U.S. and North Korea? If you think so, you’re looking at the issue too narrowly. The United States and North Korea can create more issues, but the solution is not in the hands of the two countries have. We need to find a solution that the world recognizes. It’s not like getting rid of the nucleus is going to. While ‘nuclear’ is a condition that can be an international society issue, ‘how will we take this opportunity to create a path of peace for the international community?’ This is the key. To create a path to peace, we must make the Korean Peninsula a country that never goes to war again. Human societies end war and conflict in several countries, and the Korean Peninsula has been in a truce between democracy and communism. Then, this country should be a country that solves the issue of democracy and communism. Only then can we unify our ideology. If ideology is not unified, unification is not possible. Kim Jong Un is the 3rd generation. 1st generation had a basic career path, and the 2nd generation had stabilized and expanded. So what should the 3rd generation do? He has to operate well. In other words, it is the mission of the 3rd generations to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula. The Republic of Korea is ready. What kind of preparation? We are ready to make a good world to live in North Korea. However, depending on how Kim Jong-un plays his role in the international community, the international community can try to support to have hands between the North and the South and prevent them from holding hands. Again, ending the war should be an end that the world recognizes. All the young people in the world came to the Korean Peninsula and died. And now each single of the countries is all looking at the Korean Peninsula. Then we need to come up with a design that the world can recognize. We need to appeal to the world with the design that we made. The U.S. has to admit it, China has to admit it, Japan has to admit it, the world has to admit it. Without this step, the idea that the Republic of Korea can be unified is too shallow. In the future, Korea should become a country where there is no war again, from which human peace begins. From here, we have to find what we haven’t found yet and design what we’re going to do for humanity. If the North communicates with the U.S. and they get rid of nuclear weapons, it becomes just nuclear, which may not make the world where no wars again. Now that there is an environment where we still can touch nuclear, we have to do what we can do to end the war and to promote human peace. We have to start from here.

The course of the Unification – Moon Jae-in government and Kim Jong Un’s move.

Question 2:

Please tell us about Kim Jong-un’s wisdom in giving up his nuclear weapons and creating an environment that he can achieve.
To do so, Kim Jong Un needs to have a little showmanship and a different environment in the international community. Let’s take a look at the scenario. Kim Jong-un came out one day and spoke to the world’s media.

“We can get rid of nuclear weapons right away. But the conditions demanded by the international community are now demanding in a strange way.”
He just throw it like this and goes back in. And that’s where we get a lot of stories. This message is directed at the world, and it brings out not only the United States, but all over the world. After about 20 days, Kim Jong Un suddenly appeared again and said.
“Not only do we get rid of nukes, but we can get rid of Anything that hurts a person can be eliminated. Let’s look at the big picture of what the Korean Peninsula does.” And then we go back in again. If he leaves it alone for 21 days, he’ll hear all the stories in the world again.
Three weeks later, he came back out and said, “We can get rid of missiles and conventional weapons. If we can match our intentions with the South, we can get rid of all of them and create a country that sets an example for human society. We must establish a country without war again. Brothers should no longer fight in blood. Now that we have come all this way between brothers, let’s help each other create a better society. And let the South and the North operate in two-separated systems. And then we’ll do our best.”
Like this, he releases a statement. When he throws it in the world, there will be a huge whirlwind. No matter which country locates in the world, they can’t say a word for their own good.
As I will tell you later the detail steps of the plan, let’s take a look at the general design. First, we should declare the Korean Peninsula a peace zone and turn the DMZ into a peace park. And any weapons in the two Koreas must be returned to the United Nations. So we set up a peace lantern in this peace park that lasts 24 hours a year, 12 months.
In this way, everything we discuss for human peace should be allowed to enter this peace park and hold international conferences. And now that the Korean Peninsula has become a peace zone without war, it is a place that everyone wants to visit tremendously in the world. We need to make it a theme of education and tourism, an unprecedented peace zone, a country of dreams that anyone would like to come in, such as making it a place to rest and heal themselves.
Second, you have to have different concepts for different regions. Set up a special international city district in Busan so that the world’s finance can come in. Finance is not allowed in Seoul. Then what is Seoul doing? Seoul should have the headquarters of large companies that help each country, and a research institute. And North Korea should do special research and become a special tourist destination. We need to design well so that the Republic of Korea becomes a utopia. And if you design it this way, and you ask the international community to help you, they invest in it as you design it. You don’t have to worry about money. The detail is that when you actually design, you ask to me so we work on it one by one.
What we’re trying to achieve is to create the laws of operation in which the world works for world peace. How intelligent will Korea be in the future and become what Korea in the world? Depending on this, it opens the way for the flowering of peace to mankind.
People in Korea are not doing their part right now. Human beings are tied up because they’re not doing their part in the most important places. From now on, you will never be able to live well in your country, if you want to live the only for yourself well. It should not be a competitive society, but it should be a society that helps each other. Whatever you do, you have to win-win.

# Lecture at Singapore - August 24~September 1, 2018

City of Water, City of Light – Singapore Interview

On Aug. 29, 2018, I saw a spectacular fountain show in front of Marina Sands Bay, the symbol of Singapore, and asked Spiritual Mentor Chen Gong about the future of Singapore. The following is an excerpt and a summary of some of the interview’s contents.

Question 1:

When you watch this show today, the show itself is very luxurious and good. But what do you think the Singapore government should add?
From now on, there will be water shows and fire shows like this all over the world. Now everything goes around to the world of light, and you have to find, what do you do with it? A show like today is not just good here, but could be better if someone in the same type of business sees it and makes it somewhere else. Then people will move over there, right? What are you going to do next? Are you going to sell your content as a businessman? Or just say that you’re happy to see the show as an audience? It will attract people at first, but soon people will go to other better places. It’s because you didn’t do anything high-quality in it.”

As becoming a knowledge society, the quality of knowledge rises up, and humans seek to find something more. And that is human peace. So when you’re doing a show, you have to think about what kind of message these people, whether it’s the prime minister of this country, the lawmaker, the mayor, the celebrity, will deliver to the public. The message changes the people of this country, and the way the international community sees this country. If you don’t have a message, it’s just a show, nothing else. This is not just about Singapore. Now they want to have a good show around the world. But whatever the show is, it has to be needed that people join and work together, who can discuss and think, ‘What message is in it and how to deliver it?’ Once again, if it is just a consumer city, this city can’t do high-volume activities, even if it’s going to cause the economy. Singapore, for example, is famous for its financial industry and tourism, so if it gets a message from each show like, ‘What are you doing for world peace?’ it will change Singapore’s status in the future. It’s time to rethink what the quality of content is.

Question 2:

So you mean the whole world will go to the form of the Festival of Light, the Festival of Water?
We call this show “artificial,” but it’s also nature. Why do you call it nature? Artificiality comes from advances in science and technology because people have grown up. So this is also called nature. The world’s technology can be brought, and any form of the show can be put on. But if you can’t get a message in it, it’s just a show for fun.”

People get a good image based on the scalability of people’s ideas. So the universe can be captured in the show. But the main goal of the human race is human peace. Does the message of “human peace” come out here? What efforts do we make for ‘human peace’? Is there a message here that allows people to think better and live a better life in the future? What does Singapore do for these things? Depending on how Singapore puts it, Singapore could become a luxury country in the future. It becomes a luxury city, and it becomes a luxury country.

Question 3:

Last June, U.S. President Trump and North Korean State Chairman Kim Jong-un held the 2018 North Korea–the United States Singapore Summit. Can I also say that Singapore has a chance?
It’s a huge opportunity. If they take on global issues in this country, they’ll get people’s attention, and more tourists will come. It could extend the country to Singapore and promote its photovoltaics. And if you promote it like this, there will be more higher-level people. What’s important here is what message they’re going to send to the people who are coming to Singapore. If they don’t have a message to deliver, people gather and go to another place. What’s the development is what you do when you grow up. If you can’t do something higher after you grow up, you’re out. And then you get confused.

But you don’t know why, so you can only do things like investing more. What’s the point of investing more? You can see this place in other countries and make it better. And then people gather there, and this country loses a change to be developed. And you may try to attract people by investing more, but it’s too late. ‘What message can they bring forward?’ This is Singapore of the future. Singapore should work on education in the future to raise the level of its people and raise their view of the world. So they have to ask them to bring in high-quality spiritual leaders and ask them, “What do we do for humanity?”. And they need to get the answer. Luxury cities, luxury countries, must play a role in mankind. If they don’t do that, the accident will happen a little later and they’ll have to sit down again. For thousands of years until now, Mother Nature has taught me that people can’t last long with just a business. Like numerous civilizations became thrived, but sit down, and coming out of a luxury country, but sitting down again in another place in human history. From now on, what benefits do you get from living in Singapore? Can they raise peoples’ mental and intelligent level? That’s the best price.

World Tour in Singapore, 2018
August 24 – September 1, 2018  

Photographer: Jeongwoon Woo
Translator: Hyunoo Lee
Editor: Eunhui Ko

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