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World Tour in the U.S., Canada, 2017

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Schedule: October 18 ~ November 08 , 2017

San Francisco / LA / New York / Niagara Falls, Toronto, Blue Mountain (Canada) / Washington D.C.

San Francisco, The U.S.

#Lecture at San Francisco - October 18, 2017

1. Spiritual Mentor CheonGong, Do You Also Receive Messages?

Space scientists say they get inspirations from messages they receive from Space. Seuseungnim, do you also receives messages like that?

Answer Summary:

No, I do not. What is the messages that we think we receive? These are informations shared by gods. Then who are these gods? It can be your ancestral gods. One of your ancestral gods could have worked for the public matters while he was a human being, or it could be one of the gods who worked regarding international affairs. What are gods exactly? They were once humans too. They have lived and died after living life as humans. Dogs or dragons do not die and become gods. Only humans become gods after their life as humans. When they are in their corporeal body, they are humans. When they leave their bodies, they return to spirit itself, the gods. Since bodies are made of soil, they return to mother nature, giving nutrients such as minerals, irons back to the earth. However, soul is non-material substance unlike the bodies, they are invisible and untouchable. This soul is the true “you”, the body are not “you”.

  When you are separated with your bodies, you become gods. Depending on how you lived as humans, you name as gods will change and you will be positioned in a different place in the spiritual world. There is no human that does not receive message. Some receive through their dreams, others receive through feelings, the other people can directly see the spirits. There are various types of messages one can receive. Some people use flower petals to read fortunes, some can actually see the spirits, some use rice, some throw coins to read messages, etc. Some people can just hear by ears, some can suck down to the inner side of the ground and see the underground palace. There are thousands of ways to receive messages.
Likewise, everyones receive messages but how can we organize this information so that people regardless of receiving the messages can also understand? We have to organize this messages as a type of knowledge. When knowledge is gathered from each person, they are collected and form enormous quality of energy. When they become 30%, they are called knowledge. The Grand Nature is operated by the law of 3:7. There are no two laws in Grand Nature. There is only one law. All material world in the universe, including the creation, the Big bag was formed by the law of 3:7. Every living materials and creatures under Heaven and Earth is supposed to harmonize by the law of 3:7 operation. When you think about something in your head, it is at 30% level if you just think to yourself. Thoughts can come and disappear anytime. However, when this is between 30% to 70% level, they are conveyed through the Maum Energy and to your soul. Maum energy is 6006 particles of energy settled in a human body at the moment it is born and connects frequencies with Grand Nature as one. The soul entity is your true self.


  When this information of knowledge enters your soul and stays within 30% level, it can never be expressed. To be spoken out by words, it has to reach 70% level. When it goes out, it goes through one’s Maum energy again. This is how it is conveyed through Grand Nature and sent to other people. A product called knowledge produced by humans. In a word, what job are we to do here on earth as a human being? We are here to produce knowledge. Humans are not here to produce apples or product goods, we are here to produce knowledge. What is producing knowledge then? It is producing non-material energy. When humans produce new knowledge which is non-material, the Universe changes according to this. Presently, our universe is expanding rapidly. This phenomenon is due to the fast expanding knowledge data-base human history has accumulated. The non-material substances manage the material world. This creation of Heaven and Earth also took place due to movement of non-material. This non-material which caused the creation is our soul, “us.” Before this non-material comes into human body, it is called an “element.” When this element goes into human flesh which is like a containing bowl, it becomes a “soul.” All of these are among the energy of Grand Nature. Because you are the non-material entity, namely the soul, you can receive messages from non-material gods who are in different dimensional world.


  However, depending on which frequency you have, you are connected with those gods. In other words, depending on ‘what thoughts you have’, your frequency will be tuned to that. When both sides have two different frequencies and do not know each other well, you come to have altercation with that person. This is why I say, ‘you have to respect others.’. When you are ignorant about something because you are inexperienced, you should not insist your own opinion in your own way as if it is an answer. You have to instead respect others. Then you will be able to gain the information counterpart has, thereby, enhance your quality of energy. When you respect, you can gain energies. If you insist you are right and disrespect others, you will never gain his energies. Then you will become weak. In this Grand Nature, you have to give back and forth energies to each other. Stars in the sky even give out energies to each other. When galaxies do not exchange energies to each sides, they are fated to go extinct. All universe is intertwined through energies to energies. There are material energies and non-material energies. Non-material energy, our soul is separated from the material energy. The only entity that have both sides combined is a human being. This is why it took thousands of years for Universe to operate to make this human flesh to evolve which enables souls to come in. Therefore, humans can receive messages from different dimensional world. Since they are connected soul to soul, in each different era and environment, humans were able to deliver various messages in various forms. Artists at times delivered messages thorough their art work. When they didn’t receive any messages, they couldn’t draw anything. Not only for artists, writers were the same. The real artwork that are well-known to people didn’t originated from their own thoughts.


  People all live receiving with messages. Music is the same. The so-called masters of music, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. had received messages from Heaven and left the great piece of music in the human history. Due to this, for thousands of years, the post generation have admired their work. When one leave behind an art piece, how long will this artwork remembered to the posterity?; for 700 years?, for 1000 years?, or 3000 years? Depending on this, the quality of messages can be differentiated. The higher the quality of its message hold in the work, the more influence it has to the posterity. If we measure the entire human history as 100, when 70% is operated, an enlightened being reveals and brings out the new law to the world. When this new law is understood and benefited every one, then the old common senses will be all broken. To reach to this level of 70% development, all logic and theories have been sorted as knowledge, and we have thought these were the answers we could have. However, when we reach over 70%, we need to have the law of Grand Nature to break our common knowledge. This law is called Jungbub(the righteous law). In the time of 70% development, Hongikingans will be born and require a new answer. When these people live their last life at the end of reincarnation, it is hard for them to fit themselves to the common knowledge, they ask for the new answer, the truth. This is how the era of common knowledge progress to the era of Jungbub. It will take another thousands of years for common knowledge to dissipate under 30%. It will not disappear so easily since they are our non-material products. This work is the Heaven and Earth transformation project.
Now, you will be able to understand my answer to the question if I explain this far. You asked me if I receive any messages, but my words are messages itself. I am connected to the Grand Nature, and to all gods, when I need them, I can call the gods. This is a higher level than one receiving messages from them. There may be messages to report to me, but there cannot be messages to teach me. When people ask me questions, I give out answers. This is not delivering messages from gods, this come out from me 100%. I am an enlightened person who has completed the full stage of studies, I’m not a psychic who deliver messages from gods. I am not a spiritual messenger, I’m a person who came down on earth as Seuseung, the great mentor. Messages from spiritual beings are for temporary use; they are not the law of Grand Nature. What I mean by law is that this law if for all humanity in all history times including the law of the universal operation. Every dimensional world will be managed by this law. We are living in 3rd dimensional world, but the law applies to every different dimensional world. This is the law of Grand Nature. Therefore, when I give out this law, all gods from other dimensional worlds come to listen and return to Nature. This is how the world changes according to the law of Grand Nature.

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#Lecture at Malibu - October 20, 2017

2. Why did God make flaw in Humans?

I wonder why God gave flaws and weakness to humans in the beginning so that we always stumble over difficulties. I wish to be a flawless human being, but it seems to be impossible.

Answer Summary:

&nbsp&nbsp God never made humans weak or with flaws. It is you that make you weak. why? If you do not know correctly, you would have to live weak. Vice versa, when you know correctly, humans are the most invincible. Grand Nature give us environments to learn lessons. However, if you can not grasp what your learnings are in your study, you can not grow your ability. If you equip with correct knowledge little by little, you will start to understand what your learnings are. If you are a ignorant, you’d just meaninglessly pass by your learnings. If you know the principle, you would know what your learnings are and solve the problem one by one. This is how you enhance your quality of energy naturally, it is never done by force.

&nbsp&nbsp Learning by force is never a fun job. Learning without even realizing that you are learning is the fun way. Especially when you study about the truth, it should be entertaining. When you just enjoy listening to this lecture, you will pick up knowledge naturally and transform to a new human being because your inner quality of energy improves. Studying the truth should be natural and fun just like the knowledge flows in to your soul like water. If you force to learn it, you will experience hardship. You will naturally pick up the knowledge of truth as you go on living your ordinary life, so just listen to this lecture at ease. One day, your problems will be solved. You will even understand where your weakness or flaws came from. If you complain to God, “Why has God made humans so weak?” without realizing you are the one that causes your weakness, is this the righteous way to approach it? God never made you weak. If you have fun listening to Jungbub lectures, you will have higher mind to discern situations and observe society, a natural transformation within you will take place. So, do not bother to listen carefully. If you truly understood my teachings, you will start to lighten up. Do you understand? When we meet next time, I hope to see you in brighter look.

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Los Angeles, The U.S.

#Lecture at LA - October 22, 2017

3. Buddha and Jesus and other adults have lived very freely, and I wonder how we can live like that.


Buddha and Jesus and other adults have lived very freely, and I wonder how we can live like that.”

Answer Summary:

At that time, if they lived very comfortably and freely, they wouldn’t be left with their name for 2~3000 years. Because the efforts and actions to find something in a lonely and hard life in great agony were different than ordinary life, the name remained for 2~3000 years. So, if we want to remain our name in the world for a long time, we’re going to have that kind of bloody effort, and when we’re going to make a work of high quality, it’s going to last a long time. A person who lives comfortably and dies doesn’t have a name left. Even if you are not comfortable, the name of the person who overcame the pain will remain for a long time.

We have to get our common sense right. So if we look at the environment in which the Hongik people were born on the earth, they were born like small seeds thrown into ruins after world war with many sacrifices, and now they are adults in society. It was a time when we had to work really hard to grow in this environment. If you think, ‘I’ve grown up without any harsh,’ you’re a group of intellectuals who unknowingly supported by the people’s sweaty energy behind you. All the circumstances support you to be an intellectual, so relatively you may have studied without much difficulty. We may not have grown up that hard because we’ve grown up by being supported in many different forms. But if you study without support, you would have done it in great agony. In Korea, some people studied with the support of these people when they grew up, but some people from Korea studied hard in the U.S. to pioneer their lives in lots of difficulties. These are people who raised themselves without any support. All of these people are very talented now. However, there is no time for them to use what they have now as talented ones. Now we’re in a dilemma.

There is no law that gives us a name even though we didn’t try. Even if Jesus couldn’t walk 100 percent of the right path because he tried to walk the right path despite the difficulties, the traces of his efforts can remain for 3,000 years to this day. The age when Jesus has lived was a very difficult society. The social gap between the rich and the poor was too wide. Some classes are full of gold and silver treasures, so they are sprinkled with gold, but some classes have nothing, making them more difficult than slaves. In this environment, if Jesus agreed with his skill, he could live very comfortably with the rich people. In the name of governing the world. It was an environment where he could live as high class, and he received a lot of those hand gestures. But in the end, he made a decision to die by refusing all this and kept trying for those stray sheep. The name remains for a long time because of this kind of effort, which was even willing to die. He has only been active in the name of Jesus for three years. Because he died trying to do something. Nothing has been achieved. So we have to look at what Jesus has achieved correctly. What should we see? When he first came into society and took his disciples, he made twelve disciples, including fishermen who were far from knowledge, workers who were working in the fields, people who knew nothing about the professional field, people who knew nothing about knowledge or ideology. Jesus even didn’t know why. He just did it as his feet went. It was spiritual power if we could solve it more deeply.

Rather than preaching in a good place to make these twelve disciples study well, he tried to teach them to understand everything little by a little while watching what Jesus did together. He taught little by little so that even the ignorant people in the world could understand. For these three years, they looked around this society, and after dinner, he taught little by little at the dining table. When he died three years later with a huge heart-broken, he didn’t know he would die like that. He didn’t avoid it when the pressure came on him and thought, ‘This is Heaven’s plan.’ So we can see how hard Jesus was, and when it happened, what he knelt down and told God was, ‘Will God abandon me?’ This word is a tremendous sound actually. How hard it must have been, ‘I believed in the Lord. I believed in you and followed you. But will you abandon me?’ with deep meaning. However, he said, “I will leave it to the will of the Lord,” and went to the punishment himself. Did he live comfortably? What happened when he said, “God, will you abandon me?” he was sweating blood. When a person is extremely anxious, the veins pop out. The pressure fills up and the veins in the glass burst, forming in sweat and blending in blood. It’s a practice of asceticism. People who haven’t studied the great mental world don’t know it. This person studied it all and knows it all. Today, if you say you’ve completed your study as a right practitioner, you’ll meet all the prophets of the times. The soul comes and meets all of them, and every time, you must have understood them.

Now the future is the Hucheonsidae when heaven spirits come out. Only beyond the Hongik era can heaven spirits come out. So you shouldn’t die without knowing this. When you have finished all your reincarnation and have lived your last life on this earth, you will be a Mahayana Buddhism, you will be the Buddha, and you will become heaven spirits. So we are Hongik people who must know this and benefit people as many as we can. Otherwise, there is no way. Everything that happened before that was a way to get us to study. These have made history, and we have to re-organize it, even though we have judged it based on a certain biased logic. Who? The best intellectuals. We are foreknowledge people who have new paradigm knowledge over 5,000 years of history. Humanity need the history of these people in the future. The history you make. No one’s ever achieved it. Until now, we have seen, absorbed, and studied. The environment was given to us so we experienced it, but we’ve never done a 0.1mm of what we have to do.

The history begins now. Whenever we develop content that fits our quality of energy and brings these out to the world, all people of the world will be surprised. This is the content that new intellectuals produce. Every culture in the world will change. You may have a doubt about it. Those who want to get the righteous teaching will meet the law right away, and some people who don’t need it yet will keep aloof this, which is okay. Not that anyone should study this law, but those who look for it first will meet it first. Among these people, people having meaningful faith will come out into this society first. When these people’s works shine, everyone looks for them and gathers to work together. These are the works that bloom in the truth. A time when all cultures are newly blossoming in this society, a time created by new intellectuals. This era of spiritual truths is just beginning. It is said that Hongik people appeared in the world. I’m talking about these people as a Mahayana Buddhism. Hinayana Buddhism is the life of the people living now to be born in their next life. In the Suncheonsidae, everything is in the age of Hinayana Buddhism. In the Huchun era, the last living people of their lives are born as Hongik people, and when they begin to build themselves and grow up, called Mahayana Buddhism. They don’t live for themselves. They will burn all the energy in their own lives and live to make people widely beneficial only. They’re called Hinayana Buddhism. Buddha is always in any era. However, Hinayana and Mahayana are different. The Mahayana is a man who burns himself to the full benefits of others, and the Hinayana is a man who possesses himself to receive his next life. They are people who have reincarnated countless times in order to receive the next life. The last life is to burn your soul to the full advantage of others now because you have no next life anymore. The people who live like this are called Hongik people. It was marked as the Mahayana in the history of India and China, and some of the organizations called it Jeong Do-ryeong, and others called it Spiritual general. Although tons of different organizations have a different name, actually it designates one meaning, which is Mahayana, the Hongik people.

When all the Hongik people come out in the world in this Hucheon era, it is called genuine the human era. It’s an era in which people lead the world. Now it’s not the time to beg to the spirits, it’s the time people run everything by themselves. It is an era in which Hongik humans come out as mentors and teachers of the world, leading everyone to hope. The times are changing now It’s already changed and started, so it’s called the “Hucheon era” from 2013 and it’s called the Hongik world. The Hongik people are still sleeping because they don’t know what the Hongik world is. From now on, the Hongik people will come out and start leading the world. You are only listening to this because haven’t released a Hongik human work yet. If someone sees the work, they just feel it, ‘Ah!’. It’s different when we just listen to explanations and when we look at works in real. This society is a time when Hongik human works shine newly. Looking at the lamp, the world’s attention is supposed to be focused on this side by side. They will solve all the assignments that the world can’t solve yet. This is the appearance of a Hongik person in history.

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New York, The U.S.

#Lecture at New York - October 29, 2017

4. Suicidal Act Due To An Incurable Illness, A Group Accident.

My first question is it sinful when an elderly with incurable disease commit a suicide? Also, when a group of people died due to an accident, is it caused by the fault of all who are dead, or a few among them?

Answer Summary:

God always gives us homework. Why? He wants our soul to learn lesson. When God disciplines us, he gives us human body so that we can learn our lesson through our living environment. The environment given to us is our study material.

We need to understand God well. You may ask, “How is God revelevant with humans, and why does he make us suffer, laugh, or joyous in our life?”

God is teaching us lesson through our environment. If we do not understand the basic principle in life, we will suffer in difficulties in life and blame God for the bad consequences. However, Grand Nature, aka God has never given us bad environment not even 0.1%. Your environment is given because you have not properly learned the lesson while raising your daughter. Because you are one of God’s disciples.

You need to study while raising a child. You should have understood how raising a child right is related to the quality of humanity. There are important lessons that connects you to the world widely through raising a child. This was why God has given you such lesson but you though you have raised your child right when they were old enough. But the child just grew up alone, you never gave proper education. That is why another parenting homework was given to you.

You should say “God, Thank you.” and raise your grand daughter whole-heartedly. It is not to give you any hardship, it is the present from God. So raise her with gratitude and seek to learn what has been lacking to equip yourself. When you can do that, you will be able to complete your last life with great performance. Say, “Thank you” and raise your grand daughter as of your own child, then you will receive blessing.

Is it sinful to commit a suicide? Suicide cannot be done by one’s will. It is done by flow of the era. A certain energy in general propels certain group of people to commit suicide. This is not just done individually. The society forces them to. The responsibility goes onto the society. This is not private matters. Due to specific circumstances in society, many people chose to die. It is not a sin of an individual. Then what happens when a young man commit a suicide? This is a message for our society. A single man’s death may not be so noticible, then how about deaths of ten men? Still people do not care and citizens are not awaken. Then a hundred men should die. However, society still doesn’t care even after the death of a hundred people. People still like to show off. Then we will face thousand people’s death. If we still are not awaken by this accident, then a 10 billion will have to be sacrificed.away by God. Hongikingans will start to rise up and perform these acts.

If you do not want to be part of this sacrificed, your mind has to be awaken. You should continue to seek for ways to develop yourself. Those who stopped growing internally, such cursing environment will come to them. Moreover, the utmost energy in the Universe is us, the “element” that manages all material world. When we, “the elements” stop growing, we are going against the flow of the universal work. The entire universe is always moving and managing. However if you stay still, this will become a problem. That is why you are sent to another dimensional world, which is done by suicide. That is why if a car accident was about to happen and there is a man who is not supposed to die, the Grand Nature makes sure that he leaves the car by making a small accident like puncturing a tire. Even when a building collapses, Heaven saves those who should be saved. You may ask, “so were all dead people from this accident in stagnant status then?” Yes, they were. 

For example, let’s say scholars did nothing for community and they just read books. This is not a development, they are just reading books. Heaven will watch them for a little while, but once they reach the limit, they will be sacrificed through illness or so. Even intellectuals who have read so many books could die of cancer. If they do not work on social advancement, there is no use for them to read books. Why? because they have grown from the blood and sweat of the working class people, if they do not look for the working class, the intelligentsia has to be sacrificed. Likewise, if this stagnant period continues for a while, we will all be sacrificed as well. Right now, this nation, Daehanminguk is stagnant. The United States is stagnant. We are stagnant captivated in our common knowledge. If we do not progress, certain part of ourselves have to be sacrificed. Therefore, suicide is not an individual sin, they are one of the sacrificed people to enlighten us.

In this time of hopeless era, who is going to open a new path and bring hopeful movement to the global community? They are the Hongikingans, the intelligentsia. Now the intelligentsia will start to suffer. Intellectuals will gradually come to face difficulties. If they fail to use their knowledge to benefit society despite their high education, they will start to collapse. The haves should always look for the society, take care of the working class people, and make effort into social development. Otherwise, their power will be all taken away by God. Hongikingans will start to rise up and perform these acts.

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#Lecture at New York - October 29, 2017

5. A verbally abusive husband


I’m Jewish. I live with a husband who is verbally abusive for 56 years. I have children, grand children, and great-grandchildren. But my husband verbally abuses me on a daily basis. It is very difficult for me to live with him. I am a happy person, I make people around me happy and I love life. I am afraid to leave him, because my family structure would be broken. My family is extremely important to me and I want to be a good example for my family. I think he has some ghosts in him that he is angry with life or he is sort of depressed. Life is getting harder for me by the day. I was wondering what you would recommend, I still think that I would like to try something else, something different, to make my happiness complete. I thank you!

Answer Summary:

Jews, South Koreans are now growing up with great responsibilities. These are the people who need to work together to bring peace for mankind. The Jewish people were greatly blessed and loved by Heaven. However, they are one of those people who couldn’t do their job. Jewish people shouldn’t huddle among themselves. Instead, they have to embrace society. When they do that, Heaven blesses them. The questioner says that her husband is verbally abusive, but the same goes for any countries in the world. If your husband’s verbal abuse is not common violence, and beyond common sense, it’s a lowly-spirit’s violence. If someone speaks too much abusive language, it’s not done by humans. It’s done by possessed lowly-spirits. Because humans are always interacting with spirits, humans can be possessed by spirits depending on the circumstances. If one is possessed by lowly-spirits, they can do what can’t be done as humans. For instance, there are some people who excessively drink large amounts of alcohol continuously, but they manage to get up the next morning. It’s because they are possessed by spirits. Because the spirits drink such a large amount of alcohol, those people can drink again the day after. However, they don’t drink that much after the spirits are gone. They can’t handle more than three drinks anymore.

So, the questioner’s husband is possessed by spirits. Then, what makes him vulnerable to such spirits? The questioner here, is a type of a person who wants to live like a princess. You want to live gracefully listening to music. However, you can’t have such life if you can’t assist and lead your husband to live correctly. No matter how abusive your husband is, the Grand Nature is teaching you what the world is like. Even if he is a verbally abusive man, he is your husband, and you need to be able to love him. There’s a tremendous amount of study in this. Those who want to live elegantly are princesses in their past lives. So, they are said to be snobs. These people were really princesses who lived in palaces, and they were also princesses in the spirit world. When they come to this world in human flesh, they received good appearances and good environments. But, they also brought their own studies. If they don’t resolve it, they have to always live in tears of blood. This is considered the princess syndrome. Because they are former princesses in the past, they must live for the sake of the people and society through studying to be the mothers and fathers of society, and manage this world. So, they shouldn’t expect to be treated well and listen to good music only. They don’t know how much a great deal of sacrifice there was to create good music in this world. You should know that music has people’s blood and tears left in them.

So, you have to try to resolve it with your utmost effort. So now, you should think of your verbally abusive husband that he is crying in pain. Although he is possessed by the spirits, he is being sacrificed. All the agony of the Jewish people in society is being released as energies of some people. It means the cohesion of such energies is allowing lowly spirits to trespass and destroying things. These can happen because we are workers of God. But, we must realize that we are also among the workers of Heaven in our daily life. Although your husband is not aware of the pain he is going through, when you love and care for him truly, he will be released.

When you truly care about each other, you can become a husband and a wife. Only when you make a sincere effort to care about each other, all the possessed lowly-spirits can be resolved. Instead of doing this for your good, you should consider what you should do for your husband. If you don’t make the effort for your husband and only care for what you like, you will continue to face difficulties. When you make your effort and it reaches the 30% level, Grand Nature will resolve your problem by saying, “I know that you have tried.” Say, we make a sincere effort to pray for 100 days. Then, the Grand Nature will watch how hard you try. You’ve got to make over 30% of effort to be recognized as you are in prayer. You have to go over 30% to be acknowledged by the Grand Nature. Because there is a law of 3:7 for Yin and Yang exists in this world, 30% is a limit that must be surpassed with your effort being made. Once you surpass the limit, the Nature will take care of it itself. So, what’s more important is your rest of the future, the past exists for you to live a better future. So what you have to do is to take the right path to go on now. Then, you will be set free from your difficulty. Now, you have to look at your husband as a patient. Your husband will change depending on how you deal with it. Do you understand?

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Niagara Falls, Canada

#Lecture at Niagara Falls - October 31, 2017

6. How to Live a Rewarding Life For Humanity?


While continuing to learn Jungbub, I eager to live a rewarding life by benefiting humanity and society. To do this, should I start going for community service?

Answer Summary:

For now, you should just wait a little. You had met Jungbub already, wait a little while learning this law. When more people study this, there will be messages throwing at you what to do. This should be comprehensible to everyone that they will know exactly what to do and when. Do not proceed a work that you don’t fully understand. You have to fulfill yourself by equipping knowledge that you lack in, and equipping financial ability is also one of your powers. Having a community is also one of your powers. Having a high social position is also one of your powers. Owning a land is also a power. Equip these powers, and do not perform on things that you don’t fully understand.

What should you go through if you do things that you don’t understand? You will lose your powers. If you are indecisive about your judgment whether you understand it or not, you should consult with your pal, the jungbub families. Since you study Jungbub, you can meet me, and other jungbub families. When you meet someone who are compatible to you, you should often meet each other and be a good company. When you have a company, you can discern better while discussing the issues with your pal. Problems that you were not able to solve alone can be easily handled if you share your problem with your friend.

If you don’t understand why you should study Jungbub, then you should not. The power of Jungbub comes from nowhere different. You want to learn Jungbub because this helps you understand yourself. Humans are thinking animals. When they are faced with knowledge that they do not understand, they can not gain power from it. Only the lectures that help them understand can enhance their abilities and power. When you truly help someone understand, it becomes your power.

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Washington DC, The U.S.

#Lecture at Washington D.C. - November 5, 2017

7. I don’t want to reincarnation anymore.

Question: Thank you for this first lecture for me. The lecture is no stranger to me. I’m here at the lecture with my wife and daughter, and I want this life to be my last and don’t want to be reincarnated again, so I want to go back home after hearing a special word that can help me get rid of all the karma.

Answer Summary:

Whether you want to be born or not, it is right that you have to live this life and live correctly in this life. Whether you want to be born or not, if you are to born again in a next life, it is right for the person who will be born again to do what he is supposed to do in this life. That way, you can be born in a good environment when you come to the next life. And if you look at what we’re doing in this society as intellectuals now, you’ll see where you’re going to go in the world of dimensions, or if you’re going to be born again. In studying this Jungbub, it is not for just Korean people anymore. I speak in Korean, but all of this will be translated and solved together and shared by the international community. So no matter whether I speak English or Korean, I’m pouring out the truth because someone has to be pouring out the truth. When we find out that what we poured out is right, it’s all going to be translated. That’s why the world will be shared with the truth. So if you are someone who likes sharing this truth so much that you accept it and embrace it, you will have no reincarnation. You won’t be born in your next life. What happens when you absorb this? It means that you want to be a part of this, even if it is a small endeavor. The last life doesn’t happen because you don’t want to be born again, but that the last life is only right if we live after 70 percent of our growth, and the burn the last 30 percent of your life is to make it all the more beneficial to the world. 70 percent of the time you spend to grow myself, and after you grow, 30 percent of the time is spent by making all the fulfillment that they have accumulated in their own lives widely beneficial to the people that this society develops and benefits widely. That is the people who live their last lives. So now you’re worried about what happens if we die without making life the fullest? Where does everyone go after their last life? Our souls are bound to go to heaven. Every soul goes to heaven. You belong in heaven, and those who have worked hard to make the world more beneficial are become gods of higher status in heaven. There are hierarchies in heaven just like there are hierarchies in this country. The gods also have ranks. If you didn’t put all your effort and just procrastinated in life, would you be able to go to heaven? Yes you will go. You will go to heaven even if you procrastinate, but someone’s doing holy work over there, and you still go to heaven, but you have to supervise the prisoners there. You will be a dispatch worker in heaven. So you are Justice Ministry official, but there always exists a Justice Department employee who works in a prison. All of the civil servants of the Ministry of Justice are from the same group. But some people sit high up there and are being supported, and some people voluntarily go to jail for work after their every meal. One who works in prison is in prison every day. There are gods in heaven who manage this kind of work. Then you have to come to work, instead of giving orders from above. So you have to reveal everything you haven’t done in this life. Does anyone want to do it? You get rid of your karma when you consciously put an effort while alive. You can’t do it because you don’t know how but after you know the right way, you can then make an effort. There’s a huge difference between making a decision with the human body and doing the right thing, and being forced to get rid of your karma. This is the difference. So now we study this nature with Jungbub, which is something that the talented people with real knowledge have to study. We have to study and learn why we are workers who will work for this society, and what we as servants of God should do. So the era of human growth is now present, in which God’s workers now operate society correctly. God has raised you all, and now that you are grown up, you should run this society and make it shine. That’s your life. The last life. These are the Hongik people. Hongik people are not only Korean people, but also spread out within the international community. The thing is that there are more percentage of Hongik people in Korea. So to raise the Korean people who had a 5,000-year history of being tempered, mankind has been operating until now. Since humanity has worked hard to raise you, you have to be more supportive and repay the world. That’s why we are taught when we were young that we should all contribute to the common cause of humanity. It means that your karma will not be destroyed unless your life itself is a life that contributes to human co-prosperity. So now what do we do for the international community? So far, the international community has raised all the people of Korea. It also gave us the basic strength of Korea, and in just a few decades, 5,000 years of history have changed. The 5,000 years of history have changed within a few decades as we are now present within the international community. During 5,000 years of history, the Korean people, excluding some, were unable to go outside. In just a few decades in 5,000 years, all Koreans have settled within the international community since World War II, where there is no country in the world that Korean people have not entered. How did this happen? These are the people who will work in the near future. That’s why they’ve grown up there. Now it’s time for everyone to work in the Hucheonsidae. There are times when we grow up and there are times when we have to do our duty. If you fail to do your duty when the time has come, you will be abandoned in that society. That’s what’s going to happen to the American society now. The time where Koreans are treated with contempt will happen anytime. Why is that? If the society has raised you, you will have to fulfill your duty again in this society, but you are not fulfilling it, so it is natural that you should be treated with contempt. If I were to become the mentor of a U.S. president, I will kick all Koreans who are useless out of the country. Koreans who only know themselves will be told to get out because it is not worth raising them here in the U.S anymore. I came out of the mountain after 17 years and went around all the famous mountains in Korea. I’ve been visiting all the famous mountains for years as a beggar, and I’ve observed everything. After the inspection, I told God, ‘Kick them out of the mountain.’ There were a lot of people who stayed to practice reaching spiritual enlightenment in the mountains. For 17 years, I have been silent for 17 years, picking up garbage from the same mountain without saying a word. Never said a word, but only looked at the ground and picked up trash. After 17 years of studying, God told me, “Go look around the country.” So I came out of the mountain. This beggar, who hasn’t changed his clothes in 17 years, came out and looked at everything starting from the mountain stream. There were a lot of so-called accomplished people. There were people flouncing around and boasting of their powers. I’ve been looking around the country for years and came back to the mountain, and I said, “Father, chase all these people out of the mountains and let them go.” I’ve seen all kinds of people begging to practice in the mountains but they don’t know what studying is, they’re just sitting there to get powers. ‘I haven’t seen a single person who studied for himself, so please let them go. People of the society suffer when there are many beggars like that. The more the shamans are present, the more the regular people suffer. Please kick them out. And strip them of all the spiritual powers.” Since then, there are no more spiritual powers present in Korea and everyone is confused now. ‘Please take away their power. The world is a mess because the beggars have that kind of power. Those who boast after healing sick people, those who boast after fortune-telling. They are in their own world and wasting life. They are not studying themselves.’

So I’m working with the gods because I’ve looked around all parts of Korea. I went to the U.S. and looked at everything as well. After taking a look, what should we do for the U.S. as Koreans if we have come to the U.S. and grown this much? No one lives for this country. Then we’ll have to kick everyone out, just like I kicked everyone out of the mountains. What happens when this happens? It is not a funny joke that Mr. Trump became the president. It has happened to knock on you all. To make you all get yourselves together. Time has come to say that there is no place to use for people like you. Don’t you know this Trump card? It’s really no joke that this gentleman is now the president. Stay alert. If a Korean can’t do his job in the American society, he will be kicked out, or he will be running away to avoid all the shame that falls on him. The time has come for you to do something for the country that raised you. It should be done. There is not a dime for you if you say you only want to be rich. That never happens. Why? You should realize that each and every one of you is Korea. Only when I shine on this land will the country of Korea shine. Don’t make an effort for the sake of the country of Korea. Make an effort for this country. No matter where Koreans go in the international community, the person shines as to what they do for that country. He is Korea. That’s how the country shines. What it means is don’t just live for the country itself. If your parents have raised you, don’t live for you family. You should make an effort for that society and live a bright life in it so that your parents can shine. You have to change your mindset. If we don’t think about what we’re going to do for America, we don’t have the right to live in America. We have to kick everyone out. That way, America lives well. How can the United States be successful if only beggars live here? There were times when the U.S. gave everyone time to come in and have the opportunity to prosper, and after a certain time, there should be times when these people would grow up and do something for the U.S. If you don’t do this, the country will be ruined. I’m sorry to raise my voice a little, but I feel stimulated when I come to the U.S. The United States is a land created as a new town for mankind. I’m an illiterate person who couldn’t even learn to write after never touching a book since the second grade of elementary school, but I know how the U.S. began. When God built the U.S., he has sacrificed many people. And the new town of humanity has been established. It took hundreds of years. The U.S. is a world stage. If we Koreans are wise, we should use the stage wisely. The United States is not a land of another people, but ours. It’s the land of the world. The United States is not where anyone owns it. The United States is an international land that anyone can come and use to shine. So all the ethnicities of people have grown up here. And it’s the United States that everyone can now shine depending on how they discuss, study, and unfold in this country. You need to know how to make good use of it. You need to be wise. The new paradigm is meant to be spread in the United States. Humanity is one and all of us are brothers. Each of us worked hard in our own countries and came all the way here, and now we’re all in the era of humanity becoming one. We’re not others, we’re all brothers in human society. Now how are we going to put our heads together and create this global society? We need to begin the process now. This is the era of Hucheonsidae. Since 2013, the prelude to the era of Hucheonsidae has been unfold. The era of Suncheonsidae ended on December 22, 2012. In the era of Suncheonsidae, all of the people were developed by hard work right in their places, and in the era of Hucheonsidae, the work of creating an era of peace in this global society begins now. We’re talking about the human welfare society where Hongik people wake up and create the peaceful world. This is the era when human peace is achieved and all the species of different ideaology are united. This is international unification. Now we will hold the torch of Hongik.

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#Lecture at Washington D.C. - November 5, 2017

8. Suffering and Worrying


It’s been a year since I studied Jungbub. I have a sudden question these days. I get worried when something good happens, and I get worried when something bad happens. For example, even though I feel good after entering a good school, I am constantly worried about my next academic achievement and future. I don’t know if this pain is bad or good, but there are many times when I want to avoid it. And I would appreciate it if you could tell me the direction of the future, whether it’s better to carry pain and worry together or to get rid of it.

Answer Summary:

Do you think it would be gone even if you want to get rid of it? When suffering comes, you need to know why it comes. If you don’t do that after knowing the reason, it will be gone. Can you get rid of the pain that you make and then try to get rid of it? You can’t because you are lack of quality of energy. It’s an era when we ask ‘Which school are you going to go to now?’. It’s not just the time to put people in school, it’s time to ask what people are going to do. Even if we get married, it’s not the time when we just get married without looking at each other. It’s an era that makes you decide everything when counterpart meets on your standard. It’s an era when you decide to be friends because you give them time to be friends even when they meet. Even if you made a decision wrong, you will experience that wrong. Even if you made a decision well, you will know this. The reason we’ve done something that’s troubling us is if we didn’t choose it for righteous faith and cause. We went there, but from there, we got confused and worried. And then there’s no positive feeling on it. When you have no choice but just to go, you will have a hard time.

You just went this way without cause. Now Mother Nature is starting to test why you’re here. It tests you in any way. If you just entered the company to make money, Mother Nature tests you why you came to the company. Then it will be hard to work for this company from now on. We need to make an effort to make friends who are going to work. When we go to a school or go to work or make a new friend, there must be efforts for it. There must be the reason why you want to go to school or go to the company. It’s just a big misunderstanding that you can go to school because your parents can pay and support you. You are exactly going through difficulties on its own and has to overcome them all. If you meet someone because just you like the person, Mother Nature will separate you and the person. Separate from the person even by giving pain to you. Do you think nature is operating so poorly? Even though there are so many races and so many people in the world, nature has never run the universe 0.1m wrong. There’s a reason. So even when we get into this job, we try to find out whether this job fits me. Whatever you choose to do in the future, study it in detail, try it correctly and then choose it. It’s the same with schools, companies, organizations and a certain environment. If you just go without your effort, you will experience a hard time and pain. This is what happens to society now, and the young man is facing it now. Don’t do anything without cause. Otherwise, it comes down to suffering. The future is Hucheonsidae and Jungbubsidae. This Hucheon era is Jungbub ear, when is the time to live properly. The Seoncheonsidae was not the age of the Jungbub, so it was okay to live roughly cursorily. Do you know ‘roughly and cursorily’? It was a time when you could just live and play as you please, but the Huchun era is a time when nature strikes people who don’t live rightly.

It’s an era where you have to know and live righteously. Why is that? This is because we have knowledge at the huge expense of nature in history, and we are living with all this knowledge now. This age is called the knowledge society, an era in which you can absorb to your soul all this knowledge that humans have worked for thousands of years by sacrificing ancestors buried in human history. In the knowledge society, the Huchun era was a time when people had to know and live right by the Jungbub. We should have learned this in the 15 to 20 years before the Jungbub and Hucheon era. Then we didn’t live recklessly like today because we knew what this era is. We live in an era of enormous quality of energy. But society has stopped for 15 or 20 years. We’re stopping learning to increase our quality of energy. Just within several decades after World War II, Mother Nature has changed thousands of years of history and built a vast global community of humanity. This knowledge has been changed this much just in several decades. How would this world have changed if these different qualities of energy people had lived in this high-knowledged society for a year and a year? It’s turned into a massive quality society, so we have to live without worrying. But society has been stopping for 15~20 years and not even a step forward since we’ve had the power to build this knowledgeable society.

How can we not be difficult, then? Massive people are meant to be happy when they live a life of quality, and it’s incredibly difficult for high-level people to live in a society that has stopped for 15 to 20 years. Fifteen to 20 years ago, the primary intellectuals were all created in the world. As these men were unable to do their own duties, they gradually began to experience difficulties, and the next person was unable to do their work and the next person was the same. Society has become so difficult because all these intellectuals, who came out first in human history, can’t do their own duties, just waste what they have, and blame others. However, nature doesn’t let it go this way anymore. The Hucheon era came, and I came out as a servant of Heaven in the world. I mean, Mother Nature won’t let these people wandering anymore. What if there are many intellectuals in this society? If intellectuals cannot do their job, it is difficult for the people to tighten their belts to support for intellectuals. No matter how hard people work, they don’t get along well. Why is that? It’s because there are a lot of intellectuals who don’t do their duties for society. Intellectuals dress well, drive luxury cars, live in good houses, and have an eye for interior design, but they can’t do anything about duties that you must do to pay back the people. No matter how hard ordinary people work, they cannot always keep up with intellectuals who don’t authentic their own work. This is a useless class of society. Then society will be ruined. If intellectuals are unable to do their job, and there will be too many practitioners in this society, then the people should tighten their belts. But we shouldn’t go this way. Society is doomed as it is. It’s obvious and we’re doomed. Don’t do anything without cause now. Even if it is hard to do one thing, find a cause, do something with the cause. Then heaven will help you and this society will move to give you strength. Don’t do anything without the cause. It’s okay to be a little late. Make a cause and take action in a justifiable way. Even if you do business, you have to do business with the cause and look for things like this. From now on, if you just do it without cause, you will face all the difficult things. Do you understand?

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World Tour in the U.S, Canada, 2017
October 18 – November 8, 2017
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