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World Tour in LA, 2016

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Schedule: October 15 - 13, 2016

Los Angeles / Huntington Beach Senior Center

Los Angeles, Huntington Beach

# 1st Lecture at Huntington Beach - October 15, 2016

1. The role of the Hongik people living in the U.S.


As the Huchon era began in 2013, the U.S. economy got worse and people who were successful in production and sales here in Los Angeles were forced to retire. I would like to know the role of Hongik people who live here in LA, including baby boomers.

Answer Summary:

Not since 2013. It’s been 10 to 15 years since human culture began to stop. Why did this start stopping? It’s time to move on to the new paradigm because we couldn’t get over it, and we kept living the same way. Since December 22, 2012, the Suncheon era was ended and the era of Huchon began. In the Suncheon era, logic arose, knowledge was cultivated and common sense was created. And so it became a time of common sense. The end of this era means ending the era of logic and opening up the era of the new law, the era of Huchon.

And when spiritual people got this message, they said, “The end of the world.” And “The end of the world.” is what the people who got it solved with their skills and logic said, not God said. And God never called it the end of the world.

From then on we should have opened a new era. But it wasn’t ready. That’s why it’s stopping. Businesses are basically up, societies are up, human civilization is up. The rise of civilization is that it has joined forces to open human peace. The Huchon era was the era of how to use and operate these forces wisely.

Who operates this? God led us to the foundation in the Suncheon era, and all the gods worked to guide us, but now we humans have to operate this earth in the Huchon era. You have to live in public during the Huchon period. In other words, how can you use the power you have in place to shine in public? You have to find this. Otherwise, anyone will fall down. Even big companies will collapse.

This happens from the Republic of Korea. If you misunderstand that you’ve grown up already to now for success, Mother Nature is going to take it all back from you. The Republic of Korea is a country that has raised people, not an economy. So, with the power that we have nurtured, we must live a shining life that will benefit this society and benefit mankind, and that will bring all the power of mankind. This is the Republic of Korea, where only authentic intellectuals are present. So, ‘Who am I? If you don’t know what you’re living to do,’ you have to be prepared to live hard.

This is a knowledge society. If you live ignorantly in a knowledgeable society, there is no way to make it work. This is the beginning. It never happens to be difficult if you live with the right way. It’s difficult because you live in wrong way, whether you don’t know it or not. Depending on how Koreans open their future, we can open up an era of tremendous brilliance.

# 2nd Lecture at Huntington Beach - October 15, 2016

2. How to overcome the pain of others


I diagnosed myself as a handicapped child a few years ago, and I’ve been living a life of caution. While studying law, I still don’t know what to do, so I ask you my question. When I hear about other people’s or other country’s accidents, I have a hard time getting up and eating and worrying about them. So I purposely ignore it, try not to watch it, try not to hear the news, and close my eyes and ears. But as I met Jungbub, I wanted to be a mentor in the future. Please teach me how to overcome my shortcomings.

Answer Summary:

Society issues are visible to me? This is what I see because it’s what I have to do. Now society is a society of enormous high-quality. So even if something happens, it’s not a small thing that happens, it’s a big thing. So trying to work alone won’t solve the problem. Now, when you see something and you try to do something very meaningful, you have to pull together. You can never do it alone. If you’re going to do it alone, you’re going to faint from exhaustion. Each of us has grown up with a talent, so we need to put together this power to solve the problem. So we don’t have to save a person just because he or she is having a hard time, but we have to look at his difficulties in the system and analyze it accurately to create wisdom to eliminate those conditions in mankind. This is the Hongik business. Now the Hongik World will open. So don’t worry too much. Now it’s time to gather strength. When ideology stands up, people gather to see it. Don’t worry too much, and don’t feel pressured to do it alone. We have to look at it coolly and wait. Again, we need to pull together and move. It takes a lot of strength to work things out.

# 3rd Lecture at Huntington Beach - October 15, 2016

3. How the Spirit can be Beautiful

Question: How can souls be beautiful?

Answer Summary:

There is no man whose soul is not beautiful. Everyone’s beautiful, everyone is high energy and everyone is pretty. The look we brought when we were born is the energy of my soul. What does this mean? The body is made to match the quality of the soul. For example, a cell (a fertilized egg) was created to give birth to a baby in the mother’s womb. So exactly 100 days after this cell is created, then the soul departures to enter the body. But if the fetus’ body is too good compared to its soul energy, the parent moves to certain place and surprises them by being robbed. When a mother is surprised with her fetus, the fetus’ appearance changes. Likewise, being scolded by anyone changes the fetus’ appearance. In this way, the spirit and the body are docked at birth by growing the body to the energy of the soul. This is the moment of human reincarnation! This is when 6006 files of mind energy are created, which is formed when the soul and the body are accurately docked, and a person’s life begins when the mind energy is formed. So what should we do to make our souls beautiful in our lives? You have to live a pretty life. But what happens if you insist too much? As the energy of the soul hardens, so does my image. My face gets stiff first. I mean, the face changes. The first thing that changes is the face, then the cells of the body change, and then the skeleton changes. This is how the pain begins. In other words, the energy of the soul and the body are becoming alike. So what happens if you’re always cheerful and positive? The soul is always cheerful. So it doesn’t harden and it doesn’t squash. Our lives are the lives of our souls. The body is the tool necessary for the soul to survive. In other words, the soul takes the body to live, not the body to live. You shouldn’t be misunderstood about this. And it releases and exposes what’s in the soul through the body. This means that the body looks exactly like the soul. So if you live very well in your life, your soul becomes thrive. When you change your energy from frustration to positivity, your energy of life is changed. Our lives change through knowledge. In other words, the quality of knowledge determines our lives. So what you’ve learned and what you’ve gained through exchange is what nourishes your soul. This activates the hard spirit to soft. And that changes the physiognomy.

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World Tour in LA, 2016
October 15, 2016
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