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World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring #1. Washington D.C.

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Washington D.C. / New York / Boston

Our plane flew from Incheon International Airport for 14 hours and finally arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport. The clear blue sky and cloudless bright sunshine seem to welcome Seuseungnim’s visit to the U.S

#1. Washington D.C.

Schedule: May 2 – 7, 2019

# Visit the office of the World Hongik Foundation

On his first official schedule in the United States, he visited the office of the World Hongik Foundation.
At the foundation’s office located in central Washington, we had short lesson from Seuseungnim about our future direction of the human culture project.

 Seuseungnim's lecture on the spot

Seuseungnim Lecture :

We need to find out the fundamental cause of current social issues and let our study out to the international community. And then we should discuss about this together. Take business as one example, no one in the world has yet found the principle of how a business runs in a virtuous circle, and the principle of its success. They haven’t found out what corporation really is about and its role for society. We have to find it and teach it to the world in a way they can understand. When these things are organized correctly, you have to make it into a movie. If you make it into a movie, people around the world can watch it together. This is one of the best ways for an education. This is the future of entertainment business. Current culture project has both flaws and merits in our lives. Now it is a matter of how elaborate and entertaining we make the educational content for the benefit of world education. That’s how the future of cultural business should go.
People can change through education, and society can change from this. This is the fundamental work for Hongik business. When the Hongik project takes place actively, society changes. The most common disease in society right now is depression. Through this foundation, depression will go away. Anyone that are frustrated with life, any mental problems with stress anxiety, they will all be cured when you are properly educated through this organization.

The future education will be very interesting. I’m already looking forward to what kind of work will come out.

After Seuseungnim’s short lesson, he moved to the rooftop terrace. As I climbed the roof, I could see the Washington Monument in the distance among many buildings. The Washington Monument, nicknamed the “pencil tower” because it looked like a pencil, was built to commemorate the feats of George Washington, the first president of the United States. A foundation office located in the heart of Washington, D.C., the heart of the new city of mankind. The perfect sunny weather seems to show a bright and hopeful future for the foundation in the future. May this bright light shine down on every corner of the international community. I wish the day when everyone can have a bright smile on their face will come soon.

# Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with impressive grand entrance and circular dome.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, which opened in 1910, is a large-scale exhibition hall that brings together animals and minerals from the moment the earth was born to modern times. It displays about 124 million pieces of collections from around the world, especially North America, more than any other museum.

There was no admission fee. If you pass the security check at the entrance, you can freely see the history of the Earth to this day. Especially, we were not allowed to use tripods when entering a museum or art museum in U.S.A, so please refer to it. Security check process was rather simple, it was a simple open bag check and the person has to pass through a metal detector. We weren’t so rigid about it because they were quite friendly to visitors.

However, through this security check process, I was reminded that the U.S. is a “terrorist-threatened country.” Passing through the search bar and entering the first floor, you can see the stuffed animal of a giant African elephant standing in Rotunda. It is as tall as 4 meters and is an icon of the museum that began to be displayed in 1959. This is the place where Seuseungnim visited in 2017 during the U.S. Manhaeng, and this time we went to see the Gem and Mineral coffins. Later we heard that this is one of the most popular pavilion in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.


Gemstone & Mineral Tube full of various mineral stones and gems. 

In the middle of the signs telling us about meteorites and the interior of the Earth, Seuseungnim gave us a brief explanation of how the Universe was created and the birth of the meteorites.

Hearing his lecture on site in front of the beautiful result of the products Nature gave us, it felt so real that I was able to understand his lecture better than listening to his lecture in the lecture hall.

When Seuseungnim said, gold is a kind of substance that does not exist on Earth, that it all came from outer space, a variety of gold stones displayed across the glass walls looked so different than usual to me.  

This is a mineral stone. It seems nothing special, but when in the dark, you will see an amazing scene.

(In dark) How does the Nature make such a beautiful color?

I thought fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark was made artificially, but it could be made naturally like this! What a series of surprises! 

Looking around the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, I was able to realize Seuseungnim’s teaching that the development of science and the study of history was the role of advanced countries. I was surprised to see not only the size of the museum but also its finely organized history of Earth&Human history. 

After the tour, at the front of the Statue of African Elephant, we had some foreigners approaching us asking about who Seuseungnim is. There were some brave ones who come to ask for photos with him. So we gave them a brief explanation with a name card that delivered information about YouTube Jungbub Lectures. 

When having a World Tour, many foreigners come to ask about Seuseungnim for his appearance is unusual. He wears a white ramie suit. Some people take pictures secretly, but they eventually turn around again and ask who he is and get his name card. Sometimes, we show them this lectures with subtitles on YouTube right away on our cell phones too. Even though we have different languages and appearances, I guess everyone seems to feel the same vibe of Seuseungnim.  

# Lincoln Memorial Center

The sky was clear without a cloud, but the heat of the sun was formidable. Everyone is wearing sunglasses in very strong sunlight. Someone once said this. “In such a sunny country, sunglasses are not for fashion, they are for survival.” I didn’t understand his remark at that time, but now I see it one hundred percent.  

We arrived at the Lincoln Memorial by car. This is one of the places Seuseungnim always visits whenever he comes to Washington.

Built in 1922, the Lincoln Memorial was built in memory of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. The building is modeled after the Parthenon in Athens, as is reminiscent of the Greek temple, and the 36 pillars surrounding the building mean 36 states in the northern part of the Union at the time President Lincoln was assassinated. The names of 36 states are carved in the upper part of the building.

A couple came in for a timely wedding shoot. They must be curious about Seuseungnim, wearing a white ramie suit, I assumed. They captured the chance to take photos with Seuseungnim. The couple stood on each side around Seuseungnim, and took a commemorative photograph. “Congratulations!” When I asked if you know any Korean words, the bridegroom who seemed to be a American Korean said “I’m hungry.” in Korean with excitement. After the photos were taken, we gave them the name card and told them YouTube Jungbub channel.

Going up to the Lincoln Memorial, the couple and their friends were having a wedding shoot. Their excitement brightened up the atmosphere of the site. Seeing the couple and their friends, the atmosphere was very different from the solemn wedding in Korea. Seuseungnim once taught us the difference between “married to a man” and “married to a family. I could clearly see that their marriage was a kind of marriage that is an engagement between the two individual.

Inside the memorial hall, Abraham Lincoln sits on a tall platform. On the left wall is Gettysburg Address, which left the famous saying, “of the People, by the People, for the People,” and on the right wall is engraved with some of the inaugural address of the President on March 4, 1865, when President Lincoln took office for the second time. 

Abraham Lincoln is an important figure in U.S. history, who led the Civil War to victory by claiming the abolition of slavery. At the Lincoln Memorial, which honors his exploits, and visitors who visit him here, I wondered how these visitors would affect the soul of Lincoln, who would be in the fourth-dimensional world after his death?

Coming out of the Lincoln Memorial, we sat on stairs overlooking the Washington Monument, and there we had another lecture from Seuseungnim on site.

 Seuseungnim's lecture on the spot

What is the future of U.S.A?

The United States should not be a country with many laborers. In the old days, it was a land of opportunity that allowed any workers to come in. And now it is a nation people come for an opportunity that seeks for a quality life. U.S.A is demanding the work that has been developed more than 60%, 70%, it is considered as the best: it can be either spiritual, manufacture items, logic, or ideology. In other words, if anything that has been advanced enough is brought into U.S. with an effort, the U.S. has the power to spread this all over the world. This is how U.S.A can advance in the future.

Worl Tour in USA, 2019 Spring #1. Washington D.C.
May 2 – 6, 2019

Writers: Eunhui Ko
Photographer: Jungmin Lee, Jeongwoon Woo, Eunhui Ko, Sihyun Park
Translator: Dongeun Lee
Editor: Eunhui Ko

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━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring

━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring

━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring