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World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring #2. The Launch Ceremony of the WHF

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Washington D.C. / New York / Boston

#2. The Launch Ceremony of the World hongik Foundation

Schedule: May 5th, 2019

On May 5th, 2019, a launching ceremony for the World Hongik Foundation and a special invitation lecture for Cheon Gong Seuseungnim was held at Georgetown University Convention Hall in Washington, D.C., the U.S. capital. More than 100 members from all parts of the U.S. including Maryland Sen. Susan C. Lee and John Park, a former federal patent attorney attended. The World Hongik Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Washington, D.C., is a foundation that strives to realize the world of the Hongik people, who can achieve a balanced international society by solving welfare problems in developed countries and live happily through the Greatest Love Project, starting with the eradication of world hunger.

The event, which took place in the midst of the moist spring rain, was conducted in three sections, and the first began with the inauguration ceremony of the World Hongik Foundation. Starting with Daniel Kim’s introduction to the World Hongik Foundation, the inaugural ceremony was held with the award of the highest-profile meritorious card, greetings from the foundation’s president, congratulatory remarks from Maryland State Sen. Susan C. Lee and official lecture by Cheon Gong Seuseungnim. In the introduction of the foundation, Daniel Kim acknowledged the hard work of all the members participating, and the efforts they made up to the day of the foundation was inaugurated. He also emphasized that it is the beginning and that many members need to help and participate in the foregoing projects what are internationally meaningful.

At the World Hongik Foundation chairman’s award ceremony, which was followed by the World Hongik Foundation chairman, Park Sung-hee, a member of Texas who greatly helped the foundation’s activities wholeheartedly was awarded the “2018 Most Valuable Player.”


At the launching ceremony of the foundation, Shin Kyung-ae, chairman of the World Hongik Foundation, emphasized the importance of the “Greatest Love Project,” which starts with a zero-zero hunger project, in order to stop this confusion and to find its own subject and do what it can best to become a healthy member of the international community, referring to today’s chaotic situation and the reality of people crossing the border with their lives. In addition, we expressed our gratitude and respect to Cheon Gong Seuseungnim, who taught and led the love of mankind through the Jungbub, a spiritual and philosophical message, so that we could make a journey toward peace and human happiness.

Next came a congratulatory speech from Maryland State Sen. Susan C. Lee as the guest of honor. In congratulatory speech, Senator Susan C. Lee called the foundation’s efforts to save hunger in the international community very exemplary, and left a congratulatory message to the launch of the World Hongik Foundation.

It was followed by a video showing the purpose of the World Hongik Foundation and the future direction of its activities. In the video, he emphasized once again that Korea, which was devastated after the Korean War, has grown into the world’s 11th largest economy with the help of the international community, and that the international community should return the help it received to saving a poor country that is now dying of hunger.

The teaching by Cheon Gong Seuseungnim

And finally, the official lecture of Cheon Gong Seuseungnim, the president of the World Hongik Foundation, was followed by. He gave details on the meaning of the foundation, its future direction and what the legal family of the Americas should do. Now that Hongik humans have risen in the Republic of Korea and the World Hongik Foundation, which will extend towards the world, was officially launched, it was more realistic that the whole world, including the United States, could become one.

The following is a summary of the teaching by Cheon Gong Seuseungnim.

Cheon Gong Seuseungnim is giving guide for the direction of the World Hongik Foundation and its meaning.

Seuseungnim Lecture :

The international community is all grown up, and we are wandering and retracing because we don`t know what to do. Such a plan has yet to come up with what advanced countries in the international community should do, and those that have-not should do. The Republic of Korea has not appeared its identity in the international community in 7,000 years. After decades of World War II, it is now a country that has emerged in mankind with the international community’s. The U.S. has helped, and the international community has helped grow South Korea. Now Korean intellectuals should study the new paradigm and give out necessary projects to create a global society that is respected by others and make a win-win situation for all. We will start doing this at the World Hongik Foundation in the future.”


Cheon Gong Seuseungnim is giving guide for the direction of the World Hongik Foundation and its meaning.

We should study the new paradigm and give the necessary plan to the world.
We need to create a global society that is respected by
advanced countries, creating a win-win situation for all nations.

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The inauguration ceremony of the World Hongik Foundation was concluded after Seuseungnim’s official lecture. The lecture hall was heated with enthusiasm, which was united by those who gathered from all parts of the U.S. to celebrate the launch ceremony with precious time, local staff members in the U.S., and even our staff who crossed over from Korea.


# Special Lectures by Cheon Gong Seuseungnim

The second and third sections, which followed after lunch time, were hosted by Cheon Gong Seuseungnim. The lecture, which began with questions from U.S. local members, was followed by a variety of real-life questions such as “U.S. illegal immigrants and refugees” and “increasing problems of violence caused by anti-Jewish sentiment” as well as questions of concern as members of the mainstream society in the U.S. and difficulties in self-employment. Among them, I summarize the words of Cheon Gong Seuseungnim on the issue of illegal immigrants and refugees in the United States.

We need to provide a win win plan for the international community

With wisdom to discern the world situation righteously.

Seuseungnim Lecture :

The problem of illegal immigrants and refugees is not only happening in the U.S., but also in Europe and other developed countries. Thirty percent of the international community has made a livable development, and 30 percent are waiting with energy filled to develop, and 40 percent have made sacrifices for other countries to develop. Now, when developed countries should look after the countries that have made sacrifices, they are neglecting their duties and take care of their own people. This makes even harder situation for the less developed countries to live, and rising in rebellion. People in developing countries flock to countries like the U.S. where people are well-off and are subject to international criticism if they are dealt harshly with by force. We should look at the world correctly with wisdom and make plans for the co-prosperity of the international community. This is why the World Hongik Foundation is built. ”

Absorbed in every single word by the teachings of Seuseungnim, who made a valuable move for the advancement of America, we sometimes nodded with agreement with serious face on our look, sometimes we burst into laughter at the witty remark Seuseungnim made.

The World Hongik Foundation is taking its first step toward the happy future of the international community in the new city of humanity!

With the participation of many, the World Hongik Foundation could have been created. Each person has put earnest efforts and this have gathered and made Jungbub YouTube lectures today, which seems to have introduced Jungbub to many people in the international community abroad, so that they can bloom the World Hongik Foundation. I felt that each path that every one of us take will be very important because more people will be drawn into participating the path we are taking to make world peace, the one path humanity is longing for. At the launching ceremony of the World Hongik Foundation, another beginning of the Greatest Love Project ahead, we are grateful that we can join this part of road though our contribution may be small. We’d like to thank Seuseungnim for making all this possible.


Hoping that all people in the international community will be ighten up with joy and happiness, I want to wrap up today’s World Tour(Manhaeng) sketches with the last comment Seuseungnim made.

Think about what you should do for the benefit of this society.

When you are needed in this society, your life will transform.

However, if you are not needed by society, your life will be in difficulty.

Wherever you are, if you are a Korean, you need to benefit the local people.

When you do that, your life will shine, your life will be joyful, and be enriched.

Live to benefit your local area!

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Worl Tour in USA, 2019 Spring #2. The Launch Ceremony of the World hongik Foundation 

May 5th, 2019

Location: Washington D.C. Georgetown University Convention Center

Writers: Eunhui Ko, Hyejin Kim, Dongeun Lee

Photographer: Jungmin Lee, Jeongwoon Woo, Eunhui Ko 

Translator: Dongeun Lee
Editor: Eunhui ko

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━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring

━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring

━ World Tour in USA, 2019 Spring