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World Tour in USA, 2017 Spring

with Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong

Schedule: April 27 - May 5, 2017

Chicago / Washington D.C. / New York / Canada


April 24, 2017. In the large crowd at Incheon Airport, the Supreme Master “Cheon Gong” stands out. He is going to Chicago with a flight today for “Worl Tour in USA, 2017 Spring”. Many people also come to greet him for his departure, making warm and friendly from the beginning of the journey. With knowing we will meet again after the trip, the Supreme Master ‘Cheon Gong’ rides on the plane.

Across the Pacific Ocean, watching the Master look down at the city over Chicago, next to Lake Michigan in the central U.S., I am more hopeful of the coming Chicago for the first time, preparing to get off the plane.

#Official Lecture

On the morning of the 26th, we were busy from the morning. Today is the day of Chicago’s official lecture. Many people attended and asked a variety of questions in the Chicago public lecture.

 Question and summary of Chicago’s official lecture

1. Who is Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong?

Question: Who is Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong?

Answer Summary:

Maybe because some part of urban engineering skill, the straight roadway like a game ‘go’ plate made me feel beauty of regularity and neat, and the city’s vivid lights, which extended to the night horizon, were shining with a sense of perspective as big as it was, strongly overwhelming me but humbly shining at the same time.

Why? Didn’t I die?

I realized how not enough I was, and couldn’t die because of the awakening. I fell on my knees apologized and picked up the garbage. After 17 years of studying nature, I came out of the mountain because I was asked to look around the world by nature. This is a man who has studied all of the special studies, namely, the work of mankind from “the creation of heaven and earth” to “the primitive return”. That’s why I said, “Ask me anything under this heaven.”

The one who knows the world can deliver the truth, not one who doesn’t. This person came out with being known. So it is easy to give an answer. It’s just hard to explain the truth with the eye-level that each single of people is different. That’s why I am teaching.

If a person with knowledge is frustrated, they are looking for better-knowledge and enlightenment. The one who awakened is not one who discusses common sense, but one who discusses truth. The rain of truth melts one’s common sense, which is bound to bloom again.

We have to study new things in the future. You have more common knowledge than this person. What thing could make me equip knowledge in the mountains? A shoe-shower, a newspaper-body, I went into the mountains to die, and now I was out. This man has no common knowledge. You have so much knowledge. I will give you a new and next study now. Do you understand?


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2. Life with being at ease

Question: I’ve heard a lot of good things. How can we make ourselves comfortable, even though we have to earn money to live on right away?

Answer Summary:

It depends on how we live, whether we live comfortably or without them.

Change your mind. If you work and are paid by an organization, you’re not asking for money to live on, nature is giving you an environment to study. So don’t try to save money, but pay it for your study. Save 30 percent, but spend 70 percent of it on you, your household wives, and your own family. It is the intellectual who is righteous. 

The intellectuals were not given a penny of property. Why? You’re good at what you’re capable of, and when you’re good at it, the economy of society moves so much when you’re ready to use it. In other words, your wealth is in society already, and if you become a good manager and you are the one who society needs, you can make a plan that can control and use the full economy of this society. This is the property of the intellectuals.


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After the lecture of the truth, we gave our Master a thunderous round of applause of gratitude with unbearable emotion and pride.

Washington DC

#Lincoln Memorial Center

It is the day to wrap up all schedule in Chicago and move to Washington, D.C. It didn’t take very long from Chicago O’hare Airport to Washington’s Ronald Reagan Airport. From the preparing landing plane, looking over Washington DC Monument and Lincoln Memorial, I felt as if I had met an old friend. I unpacked my baggage as I moved from the airport to the hotel.

#Gaylord Convention Center

Next, he visited the Gaylord Convention Center in Maryland. The Gaylord Convention is a coexist structure of hotel and convention center that there are inside houses(restaurant, cafe, souvenir store etc.) in the whole building as like another hidden village.

And the river seen through windows also added more dignity of here because the building is right next to the Potomac River. We ended our day here by meeting VIPs over dinner and returning to our hotel.

#Offical Lecture

On April 29, 2017, it was the first day of the official Washington DC lecture. The event was held at the Hilton Hotel in Rockville, Maryland. More than 500 people attended, from Washington, D.C,  including Virginia, Maryland, Seattle, Hawaii, and New York. About 20 federal senators, state senators and congressmen also attended the lecture.

 Question and summary of Washington D.C.’s official lecture

1. How to shake off the inner fear


Master often says the term “Hongik” human. I have passion and longing for other people and for humanity. But I’ve always had a lot of freezing experiences where I can’t move because of fear. I’d like to hear your words about how I can overcome this fear and move on.

Answer Summary:

The fear itself is my lack of energy. Energy means the energy of the soul. Humans have bodies and souls, but we live for the soul, not for the body. To have knowledge is to increase the energy of the soul. We have to enhance the energy that society demands and share. When your soul is lacking in energy, you become nervous, scared, or insecure in society. So we have to fill our souls with knowledge. But modern society is so advanced that existing knowledge and history are not enough. Spiritual leaders should have studied new knowledge, but they didn’t. From now on, I will lead the way in how to manage society. You can make a team with people who are matched well to each other and study together as a team.

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2. Master’s Command Bar, Ghost World

Question: I was very depressed and fat. But I improved a lot by listening to the lecture. There are sometimes lectures about the ghost world. So what I was curious about was that you were holding a brown stick. It’s very interesting and curious to me.

Answer Summary:

I brought a folding fan today and sometimes the stick. It’s a baton made of ‘Taxus cuspidata’ tree. This is a tree that lives for a thousand years and stayed for a thousand years more after died. It lives on a large mountain in Korea, including Mt. Baekdu and Mt. Taebaek. It is a baton carved with a ‘Chun-bu-Kyung’. The pole is so strong that I use this when I receive the energy of heaven. The pole is not from the other dimension, it is engraved with the ‘Chun-bu-Kyung’, so the energy is on it. 

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After the lecture of the truth, we gave our Master a thunderous round of applause of gratitude with unbearable emotion and pride.

3. Message of Grand Nature


Let me ask you about ‘being targetted’ and ‘discrimination’. I drive a lot because of my job. I’ve had two car accidents in the past year. I’ve seen a lot of car accidents in recent months, and I’ve been passing through the scene of the accidents, and I’ve been seeing people in wheelchairs and people who lost a leg. Unfortunately, there is someone sitting in a wheelchair in front of me right now, and it doesn’t look very normal to me. I’ve been studying “Jungbub” for four years, and I haven’t actually done anything.

Answer Summary:

So please check if it’s true that Grand Nature try to make me understand by saying, “You’ve studied, so go to do something for others.”

Answer Summary: Studying the Jungbub does not mean all karma is gone. If you study Jungbub and try hard, mother nature will protect you for three years. Three years is basically a protection against any mistakes. If you don’t correct yourself even though you’ve been listening to the lecture on the jungbub and continuing to do what you did wrong to the other person, you’ll lose what was protecting you from now. If you let the protection goes, the accidents will continue and you will see it. If you insist in your way despite the fact that you’ve been seeing these sight, you’ll be hit by nature. The difficulty in life is that each person comes in a variety of ways. For example, there are people who will be swindled, people who will be in an accident, and people who will be insulted. Businesses can go down and close friends can hurt you. Grand Nature can give you but take it away sometimes. The reaseon why your feel that way when you see a person in a wheelchair, because it is related with you and could be happened to you soon. You feel that what is going to happen to you. Our whole body is a sensor of nature. You have to be humble in order to make this study righteously.

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4. Test paper and way how to discern our own relations


As I was studying, I was confused about two things: one was the test paper comes to me to judge me whether I am doing well or not, and one thing was that nature sent me relations as a chance to solve your difficulties. One day I couldn’t make a decision just because one person came to me and say he make me earn money a lot. I’d like to know how it’s wise to discern.

Answer Summary:

What I want to explain before I answer is like the dilemma you may feel after studying the Jungbub. It’s good to study the truth, but it’s inconvenient to find out many of what you have done wrong. But before you study Jungbub, think about the your state. At that time, you might think you were doing well and living your life rightly, but you felt like you wanted to die. But now the disease that I want to die is recovered.

When we study truth well, we can have a chance. The test paper comes to people who are scared. Don’t think about the test papers and be right about whatever comes to you. To treat people correctly is to see and hear without rejecting them. But you can’t do it right after you hear it from the Jungbub. Take the time to discern, and if you’re not sure, don’t take the action. If you’re sure, then join in and if you’re not sure, you don’t have to.

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#US Capitol

May 1, 2017. We visited the National Assembly building. Under the blue sky, the White House and the Fluttering Stars and Stripes made us feel again that this is the center and capital of the United States. Watching the interior of the National Assembly building, we could see the symbolic sculpture and structure. Inside the National Assembly building, it was connected to the National Assembly Library, so we could see the view from the above together. We could not go inside the National Assembly library and touch the bookshelf and books, but could see the entire structure inside at a glance on the terrace on the second floor.

#Lincoln Memorial, Monument, and Jefferson Memorial

May 3, 2017. Some of us, particularly media team, visited the Lincoln Memorial, Monument, and Jefferson Memorial early to see the sunrise from dawn. Even though it was early in the morning, I was surprised to see many people there. The sight of the sun rising above the lake was more dazzling than ever. The day dawned in DC, and a woken up DC and I felt the city alive with rush hour. Climbing the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and looking at Monument, we could see a rectangular artificial lake located through the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the Monument. Maybe because the distance is pretty long, even though it is a rectangular pond in fact, but it looks like a trapezoid to the perspective. At the end of it, the monument stood up seems like poking up the sky. Dropping by the Korean War memorial next to it, statues of soldiers who participated in the Korean War were well-directed at that time. We turned to the Jefferson Memorial.

On the stairs, Jefferson Memorial stands. It is supported by many of large pillars around a circle on a circumference of the circular building. Inside it, a full-body statue of Thomas Jefferson is displayed. As the sun lay low, sitting on the Jefferson steps with feeling the warmth of the sunray and a cool breeze touch the cheek, listening to the Jungbub from the Master ‘Cheon Gong’ is enough to make me feel sense gratitude and appreciation for everything. Because it was just perfect.

> Leader with a similar competence as Lincoln


Today we are visiting the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. President Lincoln has been respected all over the world so far, and there is no leader in the world that can be compared. President Trump, or any other leaders, will be able to compare himself to President Lincoln? And how they should play their role in becoming that kind of leader. discern.

Answer Summary:

If you want to be President like the Lincoln, you can go back more than 100 years to the past and put any ordinary man in the presidency, he becomes a hero. Today’s world is built with everything without lacks, and the point is whether there is a leader who can lead this today’s world. In the past, there were not many people with knowledge and most of them were ignorant. There were only a few people with ideas and faiths. Now we’re all well-informed, and there’s no current leader to lead these full-knowledged people. Because we all have the same level of knowledge. So let’s not say there’s no leader, but need to think when the person who has a new paradigm comes out to lead the future. The United States is the new city of mankind and has done well in construction so far. It’s important who will use the U.S. well in the future, what kind of people will use it, and what classes will use it. The United States has created the best stage for human society. The United States still has no owner. We call the U.S. a new city because we’re the owner. If someone is able to demonstrate their skills in the U.S. and is well received, they will shine in the human world. Korea is a country that raises you, not a place to spread. If you are equipped enough, you should come to the United States and fulfill it. Let’s make America shine together.

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> Jews who were chosen by God


I know that Jews are people who are chosen from heaven. I’d appreciate it if you could explain this. discern.

Answer Summary:

No one has been chosen from heaven. If you didn’t have a choice, you wouldn’t have come to this earth in this era. If you grow well in this land and benefit others widely, that’s when you’re chosen. Everyone was chosen when they were born. In some times, people who had power at certain times thought they had been chosen. In that context, the Republic of Korea has never been chosen. But today, Korea has become a nation that can confidently enter the international community after decades. Depending on what this nation does in the future, it will be indicated whether it is a chosen one or not. Jews have never solved a humanity problem. God doesn’t throw away any of us. The people who save people who are incredibly hard to live on are the one God’s chosen.

# Empire State Building

May 6, 2017. There were a lot of tourists waiting in line, but it was not boring because we saw plenty of pictures that explained the history and construction of the building. The sight of New York city, looking down from the rooftop, was vast enough to let go of private thoughts, and thinking this complex yet cool global economic city was the fruit of many people’s efforts and concentration, it was enough for us to once again sound back at our work as a public figure. The scenary was beautiful that I naturally determined to do a work as a Hongik person who benefits the people. I wished that I’d be the Hongik person. Now, we are heading to Times Square.


Worl Tour in USA, 2017 Spring

April 24 – 26, 2017


Writer: Hyunoo Lee

Photographer: Jungmin Lee, Jeongwoon Woo, Eunhui Ko, Sihyun Park

Translator: Hyunoo Lee

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